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Blonde Hedgehog Hotel

The Blonde Hedgehog was a complete renovation. Before it was the Blonde Hedgehog, it was an old run down bar, an alcohol off-license and hotel. The design and layout was of the late 80’s.

Due to the size of the project, here at L. Jean & Co we sourced and worked with many on island and  ‘mainland’ contractors. We worked closely with the architect and interior designer.

The hotel consisted of 10 boutique style hotel rooms all with ensuite, a restaurant, a kitchen, two guest lounges and a bar. We also renovated the garden and building beautiful stone walls.

Every room was rebuilt with top spec fixtures and fittings.

Overall the project was completed up to the highest standard and stands at one of our best achievements.

Before & After

Louis Jean building the blonde hedgehogBlonde Hedgehog Renovated and Constructed by Louis Jean Alderney. Photography by Catherine Davis

Photo’s During The Construction

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Blonde Hedgehog Hotel

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