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Alderney Wildlife Centre

Before we started the renovation and before the Alderney Wildlife Centre bought the building, it was originally a butchers. When we started the project, our first step was to stripe and expel all the interior working. We than striped the roof and rebuilt it with new timbers, with a new pitch and added dormer windows. The lead work on the roof adds a beautiful natural finish with a green slates.

The downstairs was sectioned off with new walls and it created an open shop front with an office and large backroom. We added timbers along the front with a sunk back glass front. The timbers are not one beautiful but have created support for the lintel holding up the front.

The project was a difficult one due to the being in the centre of town, however, we excelled in keeping the traffic moving and finishing the project on time. Here, as L. Jean and Co Building Contractors, we are happy with the finished product.


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Alderney Wildlife Trust

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